Rome turned off the lights of the Colosseum : Marines Case

Published on: 05 Apr, 2013
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4 April 2013

Gianni Alemanno, the right-wing mayor of Rome, turned off the lights of the Colosseum and the Imperial Forum for the first time on Wednesday to “draw attention to the shameful case of the two marines”. Notably, the Italian government has been strongly criticised for its handling of the case of two of its marines accused of killing the fishermen off India’s southern coast in February last year.

Italy’s decision not to return the couple had angered the Indian authorities who called the situation unacceptable and ruled that Italy’s Ambassador to New Delhi Daniele Mancini could not leave India without permission. India’s Supreme Court has now lifted a three-week order banning Mancini from leaving the country. The diplomatic row between the two countries, which traditionally have good relations, started in February 2012 as Latorre and Girone were charged with shooting dead the fishermen mistaken as pirates from a merchant vessel.

While Italy says the shooting took place in international waters, India insists the marines should be tried on its soil, where the accident happened.

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