IIFK a great Experience – Debut Directors

9 December 2012

Lucia Carreras, director of ‘Nos Vemos Papa’, from Mexico, and Emmanuel Quindo Palo, director of ‘Sta. Nina’, from Philippines, were both thrilled at being part of the IFFK, where their movies are part of the Competition section. Addressing a press conference here on Sunday, Ms. Carreras and Mr. Palo, both of whom are debutantes to directing movies, said the very experience of so many people watching movies, including their own works, was ‘overwhelming’ and a feeling that came to them in few other festivals or in their own countries.

The 17th International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) is turning out to be an ‘overwhelming’ experience for two first-time directors whose movies are being screened during the festival here.

Recalling his experience of a few years back when he watched the 1975 hit Hindi movie ‘Sholay’ in a Pune multiplex, Mr. Palo said the packed audience, many of whom knew the dialogues of ‘Sholay’ by heart, had astonished him. Having lived in India for three years as Indian Council for Cultural Relations scholar at the Film and Television Institute of India, Pune, and done a short film in Hindi as well, there was undoubtedly an Indian influence on him, he said.

For Ms. Carreras, the IFFK was becoming all the more impressive each day. Stating that she was happy to show her first movie as a director on ‘the other side of the world’, Ms. Carreras said she would love to see the people of her country flocking to theatres as people in India did.


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