Liquor Consumption Need to Be Banned in Kerala

Published on: 14 May, 2014
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Liquor consumption has been increasing in the state at whooping rates for which there has been discussion going on that it should now be banned, but how could it be since it is one of the most revenue making business of the govt in whole country. According to Sudheeran, a study conducted by the Kerala government revealed that in the past two decades, liquor consumption among those aged below 21 has increased by 900 times in Kerala.

“In 1990, just two percent of the liquor consumers in Kerala were less than 21 years old. In 2010 it rose to 18 percent. While in 1986 the minimum age for consuming liquor was 19, it was reduced to 13.5 years in 2011. Liquor consumption among women has also increased and the need of the hour is to undertake a massive anti-liquor campaign,” said Sudheeran.

“A decision will be taken that from now on wherever the Congress is ruling, permission for any outlet that sells liquor in any form will not be granted,” added Sudheeran.The Kerala government, last week, took up the issue and appointed a committee to conduct a comprehensive study on the ill-effects of liquor consumption.

In Kerala, liquor is sold in 752 bars and hotels and from 383 state-owned retail shops. The state recorded a turnover of Rs 9,300 crores in the sales of liquor and beer last fiscal, up from Rs 8,818 crores during 2012-13.


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