Private Schools to Pay Property Tax

Published on: 28 May, 2013
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28 May 2013

Kerala High Court has ruled out that the privates schools in Kerala are liable to pay property tax as all school buildings owned by the government or not funded by it are liable to pay tax as per modified law . According to statistics available with directorate of public instruction, number of unaided CBSE schools in the state is 797 and number of such ICSE schools is 108 whereas there are 863 unaided state syllabus schools.

In the petitions filed through senior counsel T P M Ibrahim Khan, the school claimed that they were exempted from paying property tax according to section 235 of Kerala Municipality Act, 1994. According to this section, buildings recognized by the government or registered with the municipality and owned and occupied by educational institutions and used only for teaching are exempted from paying tax.

However, the court pointed out that section 235, which grants exemption to educational institutions, has been modified in October 2009. As per the modified act, only school buildings that are owned by the government, aided, or functioning with financial assistance of the government are exempted from paying property tax, the court held citing the revised act.


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