Tiger Shot Dead in Wayanad- A relief to villagers

Published on: 04 Dec, 2012
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3 Dec 2012

The tiger that had created panic among villagers of Noolpuzha village in Kerala’s northern district of Wayanad have been shot dead around 9am on Sunday after the officials failed to tame the animal with tranquiliser shots. The tiger, which is said to be five years old, was spotted at Thelapparmbu around 8.15am.

Hundreds of people from Noolpuzha and surrounding areas, including women and children, thronged the area to see the dead tiger. They did not allow the officials to shift the tiger to the Muthanga forest office for post mortem until everybody got a chance to have a glance of the tiger, which killed about 20 domestic animals.

The special task force comprising sharp shooters, wild life experts and forest officials from Kerala and Karnataka succeeded in their effort after a long hunt. Over a 100 men, including veterinarian specialised in use of tranquilizers, worked day and night for more than a week.Experts say the increasing conflicts are the result of steady rise in the population of wild animals following conservation efforts. A recent survey counted 80 tigers alone in the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary. The experts say many of them have been venturing into human settlements as they have not been getting enough prey in their original habitats.


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