Child Trafficking in Kerala About 400 Child Rescued

Published on: 03 Jun, 2014
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Recently a huge child trafficking case has been registered in which more than 400 children have been rescued .It is noted that the parents of the children had paid middlemen for a better life and a better education for their children, only to have them dumped in an orphanage with no documents.

Mohammed Ansari from Jharkhand hasn’t slept a wink since he found out that his 11-and-a-half-year-old son was in trouble. On instructions from the local Madrasa teacher, Ansari said that he paid money to a middleman in the hope that his son would have a better education and a better life in Kerala. His son was among the 400 children rescued while being transported to an orphanage without documents.

Parents said that it was the pathetic condition and lack of proper education that forced them to send their children to such a far off place. They were also promised some money to the marriage expenses of the girls once they complete education.

The state Human Rights Commission says no proper auditing of orphanages takes place. “There were absolutely no identity profiles made available to the government officials. There was quite an ambiguity about the sources of funds of the orphanages,” said S Sreejith, Chief Investigating Officer, Kerala Human Rights Commission.


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