Onam Season and the Airports Seems to Be at the peaks while Charges to Show rise too

Published on: 09 Sep, 2013
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8 September 2013

Now it is cheaper to fly to the US and the UK when compared to the airfare to the Gulf countries during the Onam season. When one can fly to the UK at Rs 25,000 and the US at Rs 35,000, the nearest destination Gulf costs Rs 40,000. The domestic air fares too have been increased by as much as four times in order to fleece the passengers.

According to P Rajeev MP, the exploitation of the hapless passengers by the airline companies had been brought to the notice of Union Civil Aviation Minister Ajit Singh. And the MPs from Kerala had urged the Centre to increase the number of flights on the Gulf sector and to make available tickets at reasonable rates during the peak Onam season.

Travel Agents Federation of India(Kerala) chairman, Paulose K Mathew said that the one- way fares for Singapore is Rs 15,000 and Malaysia Rs 12,000, while those for the UK and the US are Rs 25,000 and Rs 35,000 respectively. When compared to these fares, travel to the Gulf region now costs between Rs 30,000-Rs 40,000 which is exorbitantly high.

“The trend of fare hike starts on August 15 and ends on September 20. The daily capacity of passengers on various airlines from the three airports in Kerala is 4,500 which cannot meet the requirement on the peak days,” Mathew said. The Air India (Kochi) spokesperson, though, insisted that the fare was fixed within the stipulations of the Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).

During Christmas, the fare to the UK will increase when the passenger flow to India increases. However, during the spring season the outflow and inflow of passengers to the US will be substantially high thereby forcing the airline companies to hike the fare. Meanwhile, the UAE KMCC has decided to move the Supreme Court against the exploitation of the passengers by the airlines during the peak season.

Source– http://newindianexpress.com

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