Used Syringes Found in Schools in Kerala School Athletic Meet

Published on: 25 Nov, 2013
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24 November 2013

During the 57th edition of State School Athletic Meet used syringes were found in Boys Bathroom as there were no National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) officials present there.

TV screens are now airing the visuals from the bathroom where used syringes were lying on the floor. It was Saturday, soon after the meet began, that reports surfaced that no NADA official would be present to oversee the fair conduct of the four-day event.

“We have been told by NADA officials that they are short staffed and their full attention has to be on national events and hence they will be unable to send any officials for this event,” an official overseeing the conduct of the event said.

It is not yet known whether the syringes were used by young athletes and if so, what these were for. Many former athletes have reacted sharply against the NADA for ignoring the school event which is the launch platform for budding athletes.

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