Innovation of a high-yielding hybrid variety Revolutionized Cardamon Growers

Published on: 28 Nov, 2012
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Nov 26 2012

Rejimon Joseph Njallaniyil’s innovation of a high-yielding hybrid variety “Njallani Green Gold” cardamom has nearly revolutionised the cardamom cultivation in the country, of late, many planters in Kumily and Vandanmettu.

A good majority of the growers – both small and medium – has planted this variety “and we are benefited by it”, they said. The innovation come out with three new planting methods and around 95 per cent of the cardamom farming community, they said, has whole-heartedly accepted the findings, and consequently could raise the production by five-fold.

“Today about 90 per cent of the total area under cardamom cultivation in Kerala is under “Njallani’” and the Indian Cardamom Research Institute confirms that the variety yields more than that of the traditional varieties. As against a conventional yield of 200 kg/hectare, Njallani yields 1,500 kg or even more, official sources said.

All the three methods are cost-effective apart from enhancing productivity, added Rejimon Joseph who has won the first price from the National Innovation Foundation, India at the National Level for his new cardamom variety “Njallani”.


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