AAP Kerala : No plans to coalition with other parties

Published on: 13 Feb, 2015
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Manoj Padmanabhan, convenor of the Aam Admi Party(AAP) in Kerala, said the party does not have any plans to associate with any parties in Kerala, including the CPM.

We are not looking at any coalition in Kerala at present. We believe that coalition of convenience (as we see now-a-days with the sole aim of getting into power) is not the solution to the people’s problems. Ideologically different parties coming together in a coalition has been the biggest disaster that this country has seen in the recent past. He said in an Interview.

For a question about how will you differently from other parties in Kerala he answered that Kerala seems to be a very fertile ground for AAP. One of the reasons is the high rate of literacy. It is easy to convey the ideology of the party to the people.

The main difference that AAP wants to bring in the political scenario of Kerala is to have more people participation in the issues. By initiating dialogues and conversing more with the people, it is more easy and effective to understand their problems. Just finding out the problem alone is not enough.

The solutions also should come from them. When that happens, each and every person feels part of the solution process. Otherwise, they feel that some solution is being thrust upon them. This is the kind of democracy that AAP proposes in Kerala. As mentioned earlier, in Democracy, people should be the supreme power. Unfortunately, in the present scenario, the people exercise their rights and elect their representative.

This representative is expected to represent the people. But unfortunately, these elected representatives start taking decisions for the people without even consulting them. We like to educate the people on the need of a consultative process in decision making.

Src:- http://www.economylead.com/politics/no-plans-coalition-marxist-parties-aap-kerala-55397

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